Saturday, June 18, 2011

Airports and lots of waiting

I landed in SFO airport about 20 min ago, so 7:00 AM PST. Because my next flight doesn't leave until 11:00 AM, my gate isn't even listed on the screens even though my flight is "on time." I guess that part is good at least. After wandering around the international terminal, I finally sat down in the middle of the shopping area to get on my computer. I figured I'd do something since I have close to 4 hours here... Yay, connections...

I opened up my laptop because I decided to update everyone while I had the time to. I'm glad that SFO offered free wi-fi! For 45 minutes. None of the stores are open anyway at this hour so I decided to use the 45 minutes SFO offered me.

Things at the airport went smoothly. I realized, though, that airlines really do try to squeeze extra money out of its passengers. On the flight, there were numerous ways to upgrade your flight experience (basically paying for more leg room). I chose to fly the cheapest option (the most uncomfortable option). I swear the seats have been changed so you're slightly forward, not relaxed at all. And with my hair tied, my ponytail pushed up against my headrest, which made my neck uncomfortable for the majority of the flight. Luckily it was less than an hour from RNO to SFO. Despite this, I'm still not upgrading. $100 for more leg room is not worth it. I'm small anyway--I can deal.

I can't wait to land in Incheon (ICN) and to finally get to Korea! Everyone has been telling me to have a lot of fun, acting like I'll need to leave my comfort zone in order to have a good time. Though, I understand where they're coming from. I've planned a life full of long days, standardized tests, and stress. I might as well enjoy my time now. =)

Also, you should check out the Incheon International Airport! It was voted the best airport in the world and someone told me there's an ice skating rink??

(As a note, I set the blog's time stamp to Korean Standard Time. Might be a little confusing but I figured I'd keep it consistent.)


  1. This is how they get you. Going to Embry-Riddle and talking with the Avation Business Majors you learn the tricks. Your international flight should be slightly better, since you are paying for a long flight the seats are a little bit more comfortable. Good luck in Korea, oh and what kind of air plane are you flying in?

  2. So close to our home but yet so far! Would've been fun to see you but that sure was an early flight Rno-SFO flight! Can you believe I've never been to ICN airport?

  3. Chris, I'm flying in a 747. I think it's safe to say I should be more comfortable. =)

    외숙모 (had to test if I could comment in Korean as well), I wish I could have seen you too! You've never been to ICN?? When was the last time you were in Korea?

  4. Haven't been to Korea since we took 7 month old SJ man there. It was such a tough trip we've had little desire to make the trip again. Maybe if we could find an English tour we could go. Gotta catch up on my K pop first. Make me a mix I can put on my iPod so I seem cool :). Let us know when you're flying back and we'll meet you at SFO for your layover if it's possible.