Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving in officially and Sinchon (2 of 2)

So I guess some time later is now...an hour later...

I came back from the YISS office to settle my account balance so that's all good to go. I hope. I'll wait till I get an invoice back. -_- (not an Asian smiley face)

I have pictures of where I will be living for the next six weeks! Hopefully classes create a way for me to meet new people.

 How much space is in between our beds. -__-

 My side of the room. (Tried to make my bed before taking the picture... it was the morning...)

 An unflattering picture of the toilet. The shower is on the other side of the room.

 Not much space. So, I have to leave my clothes in the suitcase and pull it out and fish stuff out of there. There aren't sufficient drawers...but there's at least a closet!

 I don't understand this desk chair. Wheels in the front, but not the back?

 Window, but no balcony because I'm on the seventh floor? Every other floor has balconies... =(

 Desk/bed area. Ah! There are clothes on the bed.

 Cleanest desk I'm sure I've ever had. I haven't lived here long enough to mess it up. And notice, even though Korea claims that they're not compatible with Macs...I'm still using mine. ^^

 Entrance to shower area. There's a phone here that can receive calls, but not make them. Hmm...

 Since it wasn't raining today, I decided to take advantage of it and take some photos outside. This is the outside of the entrance to SK Global House (where I'm staying, yes).

The floors (all have balconies except Floor 7...)

After moving in, I went out to dinner/ice cream with Mao, Ian, Kat, and Mercury. The first three are here with USAC, like me, and Mercury was Kat's friend she met through Facebook. The original plan was to find ice cream, but since Kat and Ian hadn't eaten, we decided dinner should be a priority. We found a place to eat food after wandering around Sinchon, the area near Yonsei. I was the only one who spoke any Korean so the ordering of food was assigned to me. Kat and Ian ended up eating a sweet and sour food dish, which was definitely more Chinese than Korean.

Food is always a way to bond. I found out Mercury is also a biochem major so now we're biochem buddies! A lot of people here are more humanities oriented in their majors (international affairs, political science, East Asian studies, etc.) so finding a fellow biochem major was great!

On our way back, we stopped at a street vendor selling ice cream waffles. Literally, it was an ice cream waffle taco. Three scoops of ice cream inside a folded waffle. I wasn't hungry so I skipped out on this, but helped everyone order and figure out the flavors. I feel like I know a ton of Korean because of this. But in reality, I don't.

I start classes today so that should be an adventure. Hopefully they're all great. I'm still thinking about dropping one. I'm currently signed up for Korean-American History, Introduction to Korean Studies (which sounds kinda like modern history without the paper writing - my kind of class!!), and whatever language class I test into. I also have to take the language placement test. I read like a kindergartner...like I'm currently learning with Hooked on Phonics, Korean edition. -____- So we'll see how it goes!

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