Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raining and pouring

It's definitely the rainy season. Thus, yesterday was really low key. It's almost too hard to remember, but I went shopping and ate at the mall. Because it was raining, it wasn't the best time to take pictures. And pictures aren't allowed inside the mall, so I am thus pictureless. =(

The department stores are amazing. They have independent vendors inside, making it seem more competitive. The salespeople, like all customer service people here, are super friendly--and knowledgeable! The guy helping me pick out a shoe knew what sorts of styles to choose and which sizes were available in what shoe. Plus, he knew what was trendy, haha!

One of the greatest things here is that shoes here always come in my size. Always. My shoe size is quite popular here (225-230mm or US 5-5.5) whereas in the US it's not easy to find shoes that fit me. So I have a huuuuge selection to choose from! It's wonderful. =)

After eating lunch at the mall, Jung-soo and I came back and took a nap. >_> We were that tired. After running around on Tuesday, I guess we still didn't quite recover. I remember, the escalator out of the subway station was broken so we had to climb them all the way up. It was longer than it looked and I said it was because of all the patbingsoo we ate, haha. The subway station knew we'd have to exercise off all of what we ate.

Anyways, we were home and just ate a late dinner and watched Click. There are always American movies playing here with Korean subtitles. It's cool to see how they translate stuff, too! And I noticed myself reading the subtitles when I couldn't hear what was being said. I hope my Korean really improves while I'm here! =)

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