Thursday, June 16, 2011

First post!

Hello world!

This post serves as an introduction as well as a way for me to test this blog out before I go abroad. This Saturday, I'll be leaving Reno, NV really early in the morning and I will land in Incheon International Airport on Sunday, June 19th in the afternoon, local time. This will be the first time I go abroad by myself! And while I've been to Korea before, I still feel nervous. My Korean language skills are so-so and my sense of direction is terrible. To be in a foreign country by myself scares me, honestly.

I have three days before I leave and I haven't started packing. This is partially due to my furthered procrastination habits, but also due to my anxiety, I guess. I just don't know what to bring. I don't feel ready and packing will make me probably feel even less ready. But hopefully, I'll come to my senses soon and start preparing for my adventure abroad.

While I call my trip to Korea an adventure (and I know it'll feel like one), I'm actually going to Seoul to study. I'll be at Yonsei University's International Summer School. The courses they offer seem amazing. They're all quite specific but there's a variety to choose from. I'm signed up for Korean Language (whichever level I place into), Korean-American History, and Introduction to Korean Studies. While my focus seems to be around, well, Korea, the school offers courses from Bio-organic chemistry to Art History. I saw my time abroad as an opportunity to take courses I wouldn't otherwise be able to take, hence, the courses about Korea.

Above: Seoul at night - looks amazing! You can see Nam San Tower (남산 타워) in the top right corner.

I'll be staying in the dorms while I'm abroad, which I hope doesn't make my experience less local. I hope that I'll still be able to meet people who live in Korea rather than simply international students living in the dorms. I'll be in Seoul, the capital and the largest city in Korea during my stay. Currently, I have no plans to travel out of the city (unless you count Incheon, where the airport is located) but that can always change.

I hope that my time abroad presents opportunities to discover who I truly am. I really need to figure this out, haha. 'Til next time!

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