Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving in officially and Sinchon (1 of 2)

Moving into the dorms was slightly difficult, but probably less so than it would have been had I moved all my stuff in at check-in. But we'll get to that later.

Yesterday Jung-soo and I went to Garden 5, a department store/mall/experience. It's called the Garden 5 because it has five different buildings: one for electronics, one for "young people's" clothes, one for other clothes, one for food? etc. I can't remember them all. But, at the top, there's a movie theater. We went to see Lincoln Lawyer.

The movie was really good. I thought it was really well done. The reason we picked it was because it was the only one with the audio in English. We wanted to see Kung Fu Panda 2, but it was dubbed. Sad.

Afterwards, we went back home to move all my stuff out. It was about an hour long car ride (which was actually shorter than expected) and we got to the dorms. I said good-bye to Jung-soo's mom, and she assured me that we'd meet again. =) Jung-soo helped me move in my stuff into my room. The two suitcases and my oversized backpack (if you've seen it, you know it's true) were quite cumbersome. But we finally got to my room to move all my stuff in.

It was then we realized the room was small. There's plenty of space to sleep and do what is necessary, but the floor space is pretty limited.

I need to go take care of some money issues (tuition) so I'll actually finish this blog post later today--with pictures! I promise. I know the pictures have been lacking...

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