Saturday, August 6, 2011

A farewell...

This will be my last post in Korea. =(( I'm really sad to leave but I still am excited to see everyone back home and share my experiences with them.

So quickly, I'll recap what I did today. I'll add pictures later, I promise. I just want to finish packing and go to bed. Yesterday was the beginning of the goodbyes and I'm really sad. I might end up crying tomorrow. I really think I might.

Anyways, the highlight of my day (after running around doing errands) was eating dinner with my aunt and her parents. So another set of granduncle/grandaunts... I finally got to meet my granduncle. I apparently met my grandaunt 9 years ago...but of course I barely remember. It was nice to see them. It really was. And apparently I look like my mom. =)

Since it was the last night, I really wanted to spend time with people and have the chance to properly say goodbye. I realized, I'm really going to miss everyone. My time here has been incredible and unforgettable and the friends I've made here are going to be with me for a long time.

I'm going to miss how everything is open late and how everything is open early...Lemme just make a list of this I'm going to miss:

  • Speaking Korean often
  • The Seoul Metro (for reals)
  • Using Konglish with my friends
  • GS 25
  • Playing Words With Friends during the breaks in Korean class
  • Walking to Sinchon
  • All the 고기집s around Yonsei
  • Ice cream waffles
  • The cheap shopping near 이대
  • All the mirrors around the city (I don't need to carry my own, haha)
  • My Korean cellphone (despite how slow I text and how short the messages have to be)
  • Seeing the sunrise after staying out so late
  • The Korean drinking games
  • Street food and in general, the food here
  • The amazing service here
  • Bargaining at markets
  • My aunts and all they did for me while I was here
  • My family friends and also all they did for me while here
  • Seeing fully grown men passed out on the streets
  • Late night "study" sessions
  • Having little responsibility and obligations (compared to home)
  • And of course, everyone I met here at YISS!
And to be fair...a list of things I won't miss:
  • Being shoved without apologies
  • The rain
  • The heat/humidity
  • Riding the elevator to/from the 7th floor of the dorm
  • The cigarette smoke that's so prevalent in the area
  • The lack of trash cans around in public
  • How expensive fruit here is
  • Mosquitoes
It seems my list of what I'm going to miss is much longer than what I'm not going to miss. I guess that means this was an excellent experience. I'm going to miss every single person (well almost - haha!) and all the memories I have formed here will be cherished. I'm so glad I decided to study here during the summer and the friends I made here...are just amazing. I've already said some goodbyes and it hurts. I'm actually treating them as "see you later"s. =(

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