Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finals already

Yesterday was actually pretty boring. I think it was because of my Korean exam. We had 쓰기 and 듣기 today (writing and listening). Luckily, listening was a piece of cake. But writing There were parts that I'm pretty sure I got wrong, but we'll see how it turns out.

In Korean Studies, I felt like we wasted time, as usual. We talked about the story we were to have read by Thursday of last week. So, it wasn't fresh in my mind at all. Plus, he had assigned another story that was supposed to be due yesterday. But, we didn't even talk about that. How is this class so far behind? Anyways, I'm nervous for the final because I feel like our professor hasn't really gone over the material as well as he did for the first half... Huge study session tomorrow.

For Korean today, listening was really good. Except, one of the girls was late today so we wait about 15min for her to come. Everyone was actually pretty upset because we all ran to get to class on time so we could start testing on time. And if we were forced to take the writing portion first, I'm sure it would have been a mess. Luckily, the teacher was fine with starting without her.

The writing portion of the exam was okay...I guess I feel like I did decently well on it, but we'll see how my scores come back. For spelling something wrong, we get points taken off. So since I'm terrible at spelling...

Nothing really interesting was worth taking a picture of so I've included pictures of my notes from Korean to show a) what I'm studying and b) how terrible my Korean handwriting is. And also, you can see my wonderful drawings! I get bored in class...

 This is my attempt at studying grammar.

 My camera had problems focusing. It's a guy sleeping and it says, "푹 자고 싶은데~"

냔 고양이 aka Nyan Cat

After class, which I did get out early from, I went to Sinchon to eat some meat. We went to the all you can eat meat buffet. was actually pretty bad. I don't think I want to go back there. I'm not wasting a meal there. It's just so cheap. That's why we keep going back. But it's definitely time for something new and delicious.

Right now, I should be studying. I should finish reading for Korean so I can do decently on the 읽기 portion of my exam (reading) and I can't really practice for 말하기 (speaking). So...yeah. I'm done with Korean tomorrow! It's crazy! I'm inspired to keep learning though, on my own. We'll see how well that goes. I guess it's just an excuse for me to watch more Korean dramas, haha.

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