Monday, August 1, 2011

Quite the weather we have here -__-

I believe, out of the whole month of July, it's only been rainless for about 5 days. That's what the taxi driver this morning told me. I totally believe it. This rain is ridiculous. I hate the rain now. Thanks, Seoul. =(

Yesterday, I went to church in the morning, but got lost. I always get lost. I even get lost in Reno so it was only a matter of time I get lost in Seoul, right? Haha. Everything started looking not so familiar, so I eventually took a taxi. The taxi driver was super nice, especially since he noticed I didn't have an umbrella (because mine was stolen coughcough).

I ate lunch with Eugene, Maggie, and Sara quickly and we went shopping at Ewha. While we were waiting for Eileen in the lobby, I fell asleep. I'm sure Sara has pictures. I heard her take at least 5 of them. On the way there, we felt quite adventurous and took a different route. A very sketchy I would never ever take at night.

Creepy, huh? And it smelled like sewage in there...

Despite the rain, we were determined to go shopping. I ended up buying things more for other people than for myself. I found myself a really "fobby" shirt, but it was really cute so I couldn't resist. Everyone can make fun of the nonsensical English on the shirt when I come back, haha.

I came back to the dorms to study Korean with Mike. Except, he read for Korean Studies and I skyped Andrew back in Reno, haha. So...we started studying more than an hour after we had originally planned to start studying. And we gave up really easily. Both of us became frustrated at our slow Korean typing speed and we were tired. We left more than half to cover for tomorrow. It'll be, not really.

I finished up studying and was actually quite productive, surprisingly. Tomorrow I have to go to the bank early so that I can get some cash. I tried withdrawing some today but the ATM (현금 자동 인출기 aka longest vocabulary word ever) but it wouldn't let me because I didn't open up my account at that branch. Weird...but whatever. I survived (so far). I'm hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow. The weather forecast says...

Rain for the rest of my time here. Great. =(

Also, I thought I'd add this. I went to go throw away some trash and found this. It always happens during the weekend but it's never been this bad. Wow. Just wow...C'mon ladies!

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