Friday, August 5, 2011

Final finals! Go hard

Yesterday was a long day. In the morning, I prepared for my last final after having slept a less than desirable amount of hours. I grabbed lunch with Maggie and we went to the Cafe in the building to eat and study for Korean Studies. Cram cram cram!

I took my Korean Studies final and it was...okay. We'll just have to wait and see how my scored come out. I just realized I have a ton of errands to run right now. Bank. YISS office. Pack. Oh man. Okay, I'll make this quick, even though there was a lot yesterday, which blurred into this morning.

After the final, I went to Korean class where they showed us our grades. It was really sad realizing that it was the last class and that some of these people I'd probably never see again. My marks for Korean were amazing. Maybe I was in too easy of a class but in the other class I'm sure I would have failed. Two 100%s on two portions of the exam - how did that even happen??

Anyways, afterwards, Sara, Maggie, Eileen and I planned to go to Lotte World. So we went all the way to Jamsil to the gate (after passing tons of shops) and didn't go in. It was sort of pricey and we realized that it was mainly for kids, and couples. So, we decided to put our money towards something else - shopping!

 On the way to Lotte World, this was the view from the subway for part of the ride.

 This is how close we got to going in.

 And we pretended to have gone in! Haha.

We did a fair amount of shopping in lieu of going into Lotte World. It was funny once we realized that we took a 40min subway ride just to shop. Haha...

On our way back to the subway station, we got roped into all these stores. I didn't even know how many were there and what we were doing...It was so hectic!

We came back, dropped off our stuff, and met up with everyone. It was the day after finals so understandably, everyone was partying pretty hard. And that didn't exclude me. In summary, I spent close to 40,000 KRW (because I'm Korean and while the guys wanted to pay for all of it, I was insistent on paying my share), went around for four rounds of drinks, and didn't come back till 7am. I was adamant about coming back at 7am in order to say bye to Mike, who was leaving for Busan then. I came back and said bye to him... It was the first of many good-byes! I just came back from saying bye to Naomi too... I'm gonna miss everyone so much! Whether by fate or extremely good planning, I think I'll see everyone again.

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