Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Limited vocabulary (studying)

It didn't rain yesterday. And after all the trouble of finding an umbrella, just watch...I won't have to use it. Well, I miiiight prefer that actually. The rain is just so annoying. And it's all I seem to talk about while being here.

Anyways, yesterday felt like a long day. I'm not sure if I should say it's despite the fact that there was not much to do or because of the fact that there wasn't much to do... My adventures yesterday involved going to the bank, doing homework, and eating, haha.

At the bank, I felt dumb. I went to the counter to ask for money and originally asked for 35,000 KRW. But then I realized I actually wanted 350,000 KRW. Oops, forgot a zero. I guess I'm just not used to saying large numbers like that in Korean. In the process of getting my money, the teller kept using English here and there because he thought I couldn't speak Korean. Fair assumption, seeing that I kept asking him to repeat things and already started off by me screwing up the numbers. Oh well...it's a learning experience.

I finally had cash! So I went and got somethings at the stationary store (which I learned yesterday is 문방구 - literally...door fart? I'll explain below) and at the gift shop. I went to class afterwards, where nothing interesting happened despite finishing a movie. I feel like in that class, we waste so much time. I don't even know how the professor manages to do it, but he just gets off topic so easily. Or actually, goes into too much depth through anecdotes...

In Korean class, I guess I was tired because I slept during one of our breaks. Like really slept - deep sleep. And I woke up and had a red mark on my face, haha! Our class was simply review but it really highlighted how much I need to study. Why are our vocabulary words so obscure?

I ate very quickly and almost lightly today. I actually sort of wish I went out. Instead, I had two sandwiches that weren't really that filling at all. So I ended up snacking throughout the night. It's really bad. I should eat a more filling dinner and ignore my "hunger." I always get hungry when I study. Always.

The adventure of the day was venturing onto one of the guys' floors of SK Global! It was for studying purposes. Legitimately. Mike and I were studying Korean and we needed internet, so we went to his floor's lounge. We actually got a lot done and made a nice little sheet of vocabulary and grammar we need to know for today. For today. I have two parts of my four part Korean final today. Today is listening and writing. Listening - yay! Writing - uh oh.

All the native speakers in class are nearly flawless when it comes to listening, but struggle when it comes to writing (we basically spell everything wrong). But for the other people in the class, who aren't native speakers, struggle with listening but are really good at writing. If only we could have a group exam...

The basement, aka computer lab, of International House. We're all studying so hard.^^

I studied more in the computer lab down in I-House, like I always do. That place is wonderful for studying. I made flashcards, looked over grammar, etc. Eileen asked me what "문방구" was and I didn't know. So I asked Esther, who was right next to me, and she didn't know either. But literally it means "door fart." 문 = door; 방구 = fart. So that was her guess. Turns out it's actually a stationary store. Anyways, I hope I do well on my Korean exam. Clearly my vocabulary is limited...

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