Thursday, July 28, 2011

4D rain?

I've been doing posts late at night and referring to what had happened as yesterday. It's a little weird, but it really is technically yesterday. I feel more awake at night so I think my posts may be meatier if I post now.

It rained. A lot. Too much actually. The rain cancelled classes, flooded subway stations, and even killed people. It's scary and I'm actually glad that I live in Reno where it doesn't rain that much. The rain in Seattle would probably be waaayy better than the rain here. Check this article out from NPR. This rain is killer (no pun intended). And I thought the monsoon season was supposed to be over. Ugh.

Anyways, in Korean Studies we watched a movie about Park Chung Hee's assassination. It's a pretty crazy film and I still had problems with reading the subtitles. Maybe I shouldn't sit in the, oh well. The worst part was that after we had watched almost all of the movie, our professor assigns reading for tomorrow (today)! So I'm in the middle of reading the story...

In Korean, I guess the biggest event was that we had a listening practice test and I basically aced it. Woot! So that means most of my grade will rely on that portion of the exam, haha. My entire Korean class is graded based on the final. Oh dear...that means I have to study. At least I'm relieved that I don't have to study for the listening portion. I was surprised at how well I did. But I guess listening truly is my strong point in Korean.

After class, a group of us decided to go to a 4D movie! There are few theaters in the world that offer popular movies in 4D and Korea offers it! Super fun. We headed over the Times Square, to the Shinsegae Mall. This time I took some pictures, unlike last time...

 The theater with the 4D!



At dinner, our group got split up because half of us walked and the other half took a cab to the mall. I ate with Hunjae (who was amazing and reserved tickets for us - you have to be a Korean citizen to do so), Alex, and Mike. The topic of the conversation turned to dating and what kind of girls they like, etc. Thanks for leaving me out guys... =P Alex said, "Every Korean guy is sad if they don't have a girlfriend." Haha! But it's pretty true...

The movie was an awesome experience. The chairs moved, there was a wind (and "spit"), and the seats were like massage chairs and poked you in the back and the butt when certain things happened (like if someone fell). It was a little frightening at first (especially when the seat poked you in the butt) but I got used to it. The 4D was the only real redeeming part of the movie. Transformers 3 was way too long, had awkward one liners, and a very weak plot. I even fell asleep for part of it despite the chair moving around and poking me, haha.

On the way back we failed at finding a place to eat so everyone eventually just got food back at the GS 25 (the convenience store - 편의점). I did laundry afterwards and realized how bad I am at it. First time I did it here I nearly forgot to add the detergent and this time, I didn't add the dryer sheet. Boo... And, some of my clothes aren't dry. I don't like the dryers here. Or the rain.

Look what the rain did to my Korean book! It was even in my backpack... The rain is sneaky. And my book is ruined.

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