Monday, July 4, 2011

Puddles and puddles

Yesterday was an extremely rainy day. My dad is here in Korea on work-related things so we met up to go see my grandparents (his parents) - yay! They don't live in Seoul exactly so we took a taxi down to their apartment. It was raining really hard. No joke.

When we got to their place we went to church and then to lunch afterwards. The place where we ate was voted something in Seoul (I forget what it was...) but the point is that it was really good. Their 만두 (dumplings) were their specialty:

These pictures were taken before the 만두 served, it seems. Oops.

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't eat that much. After everyone was done, we headed back home (in a taxi). The rain was still super bad.

When I got back, I decided to study with Sara and Maggie in their room. On my way to their room (they live in International House, the dorm next to SK Global), it was raining really hard. I was forced to step in a giant puddle in front of the entrance. And my shoes didn't dry for the rest of the day... 

Eileen joined us too! Even though we got distracted easily, I still managed to get all my reading done. The reading for my Introduction to Korean Studies class was so dense that I thought I'd never get it done.

We went out to eat with Hunjae and Eugene. It was Eugene's birthday but we didn't do anything special for it during dinner (sorry, Eugene!). We ate at the small restaurant near campus that everyone calls "the strawberry place" because the name of the restaurant has "딸기" (strawberry) in it.

The rain had died down a bit so we took our time back to the dorms. We went downstairs to the study lounge to finish our homework. Guys aren't allowed on female floors and vice versa. We wanted Hunjae's help with Korean and Eugene was planning on studying too. It was super cold down there because we sat underneath the air conditioning. -__- And my limited Korean couldn't fix it (I knew how to turn it off, but that would make the place too hot).

We gave up finally and went back to Maggie and Sara's room to finish our homework. I slept prettyyy well despite going to sleep so late. Meh. I had forgotten that I actually have to do work while I'm here, haha.


  1. Jess if you post one more picture of delicious Korean food, I might have to drop everything and come there right now. Although, I'll probably have spent everything I'm worth just to fly there so I guess I'll settle for begging for table scraps.

  2. Teehee. Hopefully I'll be able to make some when I come back and I'll share it with you! I at least know how to take care of the meat. We'll feast when I get back!