Monday, July 11, 2011

One meal was enough

It was hard to stay awake yesterday. Probably because of sleeping so late after Dongdaemun shopping...haha!

I woke up pretty late but early enough to get ready and meet my dad and Jungsoo for late lunch. I walked to the subway station (instead of riding a bus...b/c I felt like walking I guess) and sat on the subway for close to an hour to get to the station to meet my dad. I fell asleep while on the subway and it felt like falling asleep in class--giving up on staying awake but trying not to miss anything important.

When I got off the subway, I met my dad and we went in to Makino Chaya, a seafood buffet where you pay by the hour. Jungsoo was there too and we all went to stuff our faces with food. We had two hours.

Their food was amazing. Seafood, sushi, steak, desserts...omg. This one meal was enough for me for the whole day, haha!

 My dessert. I went up and grabbed more fruit. Fruit is so expensive here...a watermelon is $17!! -__-

After eating, Jungsoo's dad showed up and Jungsoo actually had to leave. So the two ahjussis (lol) and I went to Namsan Tower. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but it wasn't far from where we were at all. Usually if you're in a big city it's like you have to drive out of your way to get to the mountains or wilderness, but it was like 30min away. Sweet. I'll detail the rest through pictures:

 Namsan Tower. It was pretty cloudy, which was a bummer.

 Where we took the bus up to the tower...but I really took this picture because we learned how to pronounce this word in Korean properly. [궁닙끅짱]

 A butterfly(?)

 They claim it's the world's fastest elevator. The top of the inside had an LCD thing that made it appear that we were shooting into space even though we were simply going up the tower. I believe it was 4 m/s.

 The view from the tower. I took too many pictures and I opted to leave a bunch of the view out because it all looks pretty similar.

 Why are Koreans so cutesy/cheesy??

 Yep. This is for reals.

 The windows had these postings showing which direction certain large cities were.

 Apparently this floor was interactive. These kids were playing with it and I thought it was really cute.

 Everything in the tower was "shocking." So was this step. It was a normal step so I didn't really understand...

 So here you can buy a little block of wood and write something on it and it'll get put in the wall.

 Again...why so cute??

 This too. Couples come here and place a padlock on the fence. It's like a symbol of their unbreakable love or something. Well, friends can do this too. I saw a couple of them that weren't between couples.


 It's a heart!

I went back to the dorms to eat with Sara and Eileen. We met up with Maggie and Eugene while they were eating but they were there first so they left first. And then we went to study with Bernard and Sara. I actually finished all my reading! Weird. I can barely accomplish that in college...haha! I'm looking out the window now and I hope it doesn't rain. I really hope it doesn't... =( It probably will. Boo.

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