Sunday, July 24, 2011

A noodle day (Insadong)

Yesterday was surprisingly productive despite the amount of sleep I got. Sara and I really wanted to go to Insadong, and spend a decent amount of time there, so we got up at 11am to get there.

We first ate nearby and I got 떡라면 (ramen with rice cakes). I think I'll start making my ramen like that! Haha. Anyways, we caught the bus and went to Insadong. Yes, we actually rode the bus! I kept staring at the sign that told us what stop was next as the bus threw all the passengers around. These buses are brutal...

Anyways, we got to Insadong safely. =) Insadong is a neighborhood that is now tourist-ridden. However, they have really cool shops and everything seems to be handmade (except probably some of the souvenirs). The items they sell are definitely geared towards foreigners, but that was fine. I'm a foreigner.
 The street. I probably should have taken a picture of all the street vendors. Oops.

 A tea house/museum we walked into.

 The tea house.

Insadong also has really good tea. We stopped to get some. Despite the heat, I got some 매실 tea (Asian apricot tea) because I just had a craving for it. And it was delicious. I'm not sure why, but the picture is rotated and I can't figure out how to turn it back...

After Insadong, Sara and I headed back to Ewha to do some shopping - and so I could recharge my phone! When I went to recharge my phone, they asked who the owner's name was...and I knew it wasn't mine. Since I'm using my friend's old phone, I tried that. But that wasn't it either. It was someone who I don't know...luckily I still got money on it so I could call/text people.

Anyways, Sara and I did some more shopping before we decided to go back. When we came back the first place we wanted to eat at was closed so we headed down and tried the 삼게탕 (chicken broth soup made with insam) place nearby. When we walked in, we saw how expensive it was so we both opted for a cheaper option - 콩국수 (white bean noodles - more noodles)!

The day was tiring so we decided to just take it easy and study. Except, I fell asleep. I always fall asleep when I have reading to do. It's a bad habit? I'm not sure it really is a habit but I think it may become one.

I'm going to SBS today, so that should be super fun. Yay! It'll be a trifecta of some sort, except I'm not winning anything. After today, I will have visited the three largest broadcasting stations in Korea. =)

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