Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh the heat

Yesterday, it didn't rain. I was glad it didn't considering I didn't (and still don't) have an umbrella. However, the weather was ridiculous and it was really really hot. And we also happened to pick yesterday as the day to go see Gyeongbukgoong (a palace).

I had already seen the palace, but because my friends wanted to see it, I decided to tag along. If it weren't for my friends, I (and I guess you) wouldn't have been able to see all these places. Even though it was my second time going, I went with a different perspective I suppose? I guess that's what happens when you get older. I'll just have the pictures speak for themselves. Inside the palace, we got a little overwhelmed and the heat was intense, so we only saw a portion of what we could.

 The entrance.

 Once inside.

 It looked like a moat.

 Basically, the throne.

 The ceiling is crazy.

 Modernity and tradition intersecting...!

 This was actually really cool. The light was shining down like this!

After the palace, we went to the Kyobo in the subway station. It's basically a giant bookstore with more than just books. It's amazing, I must say. I got super lost in it because there were just so many things to see. And I also didn't have that much time because I had dinner plans. But I did get some good shopping in.

Dinner was then with my USAC friends! It was great to finally formally meet most of them even though the program is about to end. We all wished that USAC were bigger so that we could do cool stuff like what the UC kids get to do (the UC kids got a separate orientation, random things like folders and umbrellas, a field trip to Busan, and a banquet!). But it was nice to finally sit down together. We talked about life over Korean BBQ. It was wonderful.

I was really tired so when I came back to the room I fell asleep~ Aah... I can't believe that this program is almost over and I spent a Friday night sleeping! Haha.

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