Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

I'm writing this post late because I got back early this morning and I went to Insadong "early" in the morning (noon) and didn't have time to write until now. So here it goes...

I went to cooking class really early in the morning to find out that it was the last one! I was so sad...I had to miss one because of Everland. And they told me that there would be no conflicts between the extra-curriculars and the excursions...! Anyways, in class we made "street food." So actually, we made 김밥 (basically a California roll) and 떡볶이. We actually made the 김밥, but the hard part (preparing the insides) was already done for us. During cooking, I met Karen, who is Chinese-Canadian and goes to UBC (like Maggie and Eileen! haha) so I invited her to go to the museum with us.

 My delicious 김밥!

Maggie and I really wanted to go to a museum while we were here so we chose to go yesterday. We went to the National Museum of Contemporary Art because it had modern art (and not traditional art...) and because it was free! It was good to see art like that again, haha. I wish I could have taken pictures of what we saw. The photography gallery was exceptional!

 On the way to the museum - the 20 min walk to the museum was long but the area was so green!

 Outside the museum.

 A weird tower of electronics in the museum. Wait, not's art. Sorry, I forgot.

 The entry into one of the galleries.

 This was displayed in the gift shop downstairs.

 On the way back, the shuttle bus dropped us off at a subway station. The weirdest thing was that it didn't have the sliding doors that all the other subway stations have. You can touch the subway train and potentially get run over. It was so weird!

And you could really see the tracks.

On the way back we were so tired that I think almost everyone fell asleep. Maybe not Karen... On the way back, we grabbed some "cup chicken" (fried chicken, tater tots, and rice cake marinated in a spicy sauce) for dinner on the way back. It was a lot spicier than I anticipated and I suffered the entire way back to the dorms.

We decided to go to a club that night. So, Sara, Eileen, and I got ready for clubbing! We were planning on going to one in Gangnam-gu, which is the nicer district of Seoul. The clubs are all huge there and connected to really nice hotels. They also have dress codes so you don't see people in shorts and flip flops like I heard happens in the area near Hongik University. The three of us met up with Sara's friend, Caroline, and Jai and Danny. While the entrance fee was expensive, I still had fun dancing and it was worth it.

The club was set up so that there was a stage with the DJ on the dance floor on one end and everyone was just dancing on the floor. If you want to sit, you have to be VIP or something like that. And also, to enter the club, they check ID. The bouncer checked Jai's and Danny's but didn't check the girls' IDs. I guess they really want to have more girls than guys in the club... After a long night, we came back to the dorms at around 5:30am. Second sunrise I've seen in Seoul, haha!

I just read what I wrote, and while I'm still tired, I realize how terse the ending became. I'm sorry for the lack to detail, but I'm really tired, it seems. In short, I had an amazing time clubbing last night. I wonder if clubbing here is the similar to the US. I guess I'll have to find out when I get back.

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