Friday, July 8, 2011


Since I can't sleep, and since I have to leave early tomorrow (for a field trip!) I think I'll update now. I'm super tired but 잠이 안 와~ (I can't sleep). I'm not even sure I spelled that right. Oh well.

Anyways, today, it rained really hard. =( I'm so used to Reno weather that I can't even handle this wet weather. Blegh.

Today, class was really hard to stay awake in. Korea has messed up my sleep schedule and it's like college all over again. I can barely stay awake especially since my classes are right after lunch. And lunch...makes me tired, haha.

In Korean Studies today, we presented our discussion of the text and Susie went first. She presented our group's ideas and NO ONE wanted to follow what she said. She was that amazing, haha! Besides that, nothing else really was that interesting. Except, I have a ton of homework (reading) in that class now.

I'm now glad that in Korean, I'm not super stressed anymore. It's nice to not fear for my life when I get called on in class. And learning pronunciation tricks is actually pretty cool, I realized. During the entire class today, we heard thunder and saw lightning. And it really made us not pay attention in class.

We went out to get chicken and beer for dinner. And it was amazing. I think I was really craving chicken (baked chicken) for some reason and it was really good. On the way back, we hit the arcade and Eileen and Maggie played DDR. Eugene and I decided to play a round too but since we weren't good enough, we failed on our last round. =( Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

 The point of this picture was to catch Eugene carrying Maggie's purse and umbrella. Cute, isn't it? =)
After the arcade, we went to Maggie and Sara's room and just chilled out for a while. Naomi joined us and graced us with her wonderful voice and guitar playing. We just messed around on the guitar (except I don't know how to play) while we relaxed.

We went out after and it seems that "Thirsty Thursday" is something very real here, haha. After wandering around, we ended up at Bar Fly, which I thought was a bar. But it was more like a club and we danced and had a great time, teehee. I guess the bars and clubs here do really well because there are so many universities around here. Korea's culture is very much a drinking culture...for better or for worse I guess.

 Me and Sara after "clubbing." It was happenstance it seems that we ended up in a club-type place. And they played American pop songs. So weird here when I'm trying to learn Korean.

Typical Korea, it seems. There are people passed out EVERYWHERE. It's crazy. These people and their alcoholism...

We came back early to prepare for tomorrow. Except I can't sleep....but we're going to an amusement park tomorrow and we have to wake up early to leave. We'll see how that goes I guess! Grr. So early.

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