Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter

Yesterday seemed like a short day. I got up at 1:30pm because I was SOOO TIRED. If you read my last blog post you'd know why, haha. Sara and I had plans to go to Insadong, but, turns out, it was raining. So we scratched that plan during lunch. We wanted to do something but the rain really killed our plans (and the fact that we got back so late). I really want to go to Insadong though! Bah.

Sara and I ran down to Dunkin Donuts to get some donuts before we went to the movie theater. Yeah, we ran. I was taking a nap in the lobby when she suggested it and I was so excited that I got up immediately and we skipped down the street, haha.

Even with me just sleeping, this picture turned out really well. It's because Dana is a wonderful photographer.

 I felt weird taking pictures in a movie theater...

Me and Eileen. You can't really tell how comfortable the seats were, but there was plenty of room and the chairs could probably fit two people.

So we decided to see Harry Potter (like we had planned the day before). The movie came out before it did in the US. I think almost 2 days earlier... Someone told me this is because there are lots of hackers that would just pirate the movie in Korea if it opened in the US before Korea. Makes sense then...

The movie theater was soooo nice and the screen was huge! I think I liked the theater more than the movie. I expected so much more from the movie that...oh well, never mind. That discussion is for some other time somewhere else. It still made me cry though (not as much as Eileen did though, haha).

I'm really tired from yesterday, but looking back it seems like I didn't do much. After the movie, we just headed to go find some food. While eating...I was tired and my stomach felt weird so it's not like I ate much anyway. We headed back and ran into Emmett, who was really hungry and ordered chicken. Korea is the land of delivery foods, it seems. It was 2:00am and they were still delivering! Anyways, the chicken was disappointing. It took like more than 30min to get here, which is super slow by Korean standards.

I'm writing this post late because I woke up early (yeah, early for me, probably not for most people though) to meet one of my aunts. Tomorrow's blog post about today will be much more interesting and picture-filled. Yeah! Yesterday was a Saturday, yet not as eventful as I imagined. Oh well.

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