Sunday, July 3, 2011


I was really tired yesterday, and I'll explain why.

Sara, Maggie, Eileen and I went to COEX yesterday. COEX is a giant mall in Seoul with lots of Western brand stores. We left in the morning with the intent of getting some wonderful shopping done. When we got to COEX, we decided to eat since the subway ride was close to an hour. The food court they had, was similar to one you'd find in the States, but the food was actually good, haha!

Sara had picked up a map so we tried to plan our route. There were certain stores we'd really wanted to go to, but we still wanted to see most of the mall. So we broke it up: go to this closest chunk of stores, follow the path to the next, turn so we don't pass through a bunch of restaurants, go up to the next chunk to get to the Apple store, and finish our day. Haha. We didn't even get close to our original plan.

We stopped at whichever store caught our eye and we ended up spending a lot of time in stationery stores. These stores have so many cute things! The four of us were sidetracked easily...

The mall, despite it's size, was still crowded. Every store was packed and getting from one to the next was a hassle. In Korea, it seems that everyone has grown accustomed to this lack of space so when someone bumps into you, there's a 95% chance they won't say sorry.

 It was equally hard to get a picture as it was to go from one store to the next. I realized that since we were there on a Saturday, that probably was the reason why it was so crowded.

Sara, getting some ice cream - yay!

After our apparent defeat conquering the mall, we decided to head home. We were hungry and tired so we hopped on the subway to head home. lost and it took us an hour to get back from the subway station. But since we found a grocery store accidentally we decided to go there and buy food.

The food we bought...had to be carried back. And since we wandered away from the path, it was a loonnngggg walk back. -__- When we finally got back, we ordered take out, did some homework, and went to sleep. I slept really well. Sooo tired.

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