Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Studying studying YEAH

I'm updating this today instead of tomorrow. Right now I'm taking a little break from studying but I think tomorrow I'm going to wake up early and study so I won't be blogging then. Tomorrow midterm!

So instead of the usual "yesterday ..." you're going to hear TODAY!

Today was typical. Well, it was almost typical. In Korean Studies we raced through the Pacific War and Korean War to provide historical background for what we read in class. It's a little hard to figure out what's going on when our professor decides to pack years and years of history into one lecture. But it was good to finally get a clear account of the Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Now, I'll need to remember everything I learned today, and then some. How can a professor assign reading that's due the day of the midterm?? Outrageous.

In Korean, there were only 6 students in our class. After the first part of the class, one of the girls left leaving only 5 of us. Usually there are about 13 people in class. I guess everyone was studying for midterms. So it was super awkward for the 5 of us as we had to answer all the questions and as soon as I finished making one sentence, it felt like it was my turn again. Despite the obvious lowered attendance and our begging, the teacher(s) kept us for the full time. Oh well...

After eating quickly at the cafeteria at the dorms, Mike, Alex and I studied for Korean Studies. That would translate to Mike and I played "pass and play" Words With Friends and Alex shared his funny microdreams. Oh group study. So that's why I'm back in my room. Hair tied, desk partially cleared, classical music playing through my headphones. I'm prepared to study. -__-"

See? I'm studying. My notes look terrible...

I'm so jealous. Harry Potter 7, Part II comes out tonight (in like 2 hours) and I can't see it because a) tickets have been sold out and b) I have a midterm tomorrow. Also, I heard some people are at GSL (aka watching StarCraft 2) right now. Don't they have to study?? ㅜㅜ

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