Friday, July 29, 2011

Incorrect Korean (자장면)

Yesterday, the biggest theme of the day seemed to be "everything we learned in Korean was a lie." Just kidding. That's a little much (너무 심해) but it was more like a debunking session.

The rain has been really bad here. It's been flooding, raining like crazy, etc. And this sucks because my umbrella got stolen yesterday. =( I put it down (a lot of places have something at the front where everyone puts their umbrellas) and go back to it later and it's gone! I'm not too bummed about it, but it is inconvenient to have to buy a new one...

Because of the bad weather, our professor told us that the summer program was not to take attendance. So, in Korean Studies, we did basically nothing. There were quite a few people missing in class and he made a valid argument that if the summer program is allowing people to be excused, then it wouldn't be fair to cover material in class that would be on the final. Makes sense... So we got out nearly an hour early from class.

I took this hour to go to the student union to go find a Yonsei sweatshirt. And I was successful! Alex, Maggie and I all got sweatshirts and pens and were happy. Well, I can speak for myself being happy. I just assumed the other two were as well. We walked out of the student union to find it raining. Hard. =(

Like dorks, we pulled our backpacks around to the front of us and walked to class. My books were definitely less wet. If only I had done this earlier to prevent my Korean book from being ruined. I need to study from that book!

Anyways, the theme of Korean class was "here's what you learned wrong in conversation." So many things, but mainly today was an issue of pronunciation/spelling. It's 닦어 not 딲어. 자장면 not 짜짱면. 아기 not 애기. 베게 not 비게. 단무지 not 다꽝. The list goes on. Some are pronunciation issues (first two) and some are slang issues (next two) and some are original language issues (in the case of the last example, the proper word is Korean while the other common version of the word is Japanese).

After class we went to a 자장면 place and I was so hungry that I just devoured it, haha. And forgot to take a picture. But for those of you that don't know what it looks it is. It's a black bean noodle dish. Yay!

The rain was really intense. We were going to go clubbing in Hongdae because on Thursdays, before 11 (I think) it's free to get in. But the rain was so bad that we weren't up for it. The rain seriously ruins everything: plans, books, and lives. Ugh. I don't think I'll ever complain about rain in my life because I'm sure it'll never be as bad as this. Time for me to get a new umbrella...

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