Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Language issues and hair

I'm getting worse at English, but I'm not getting that much better in Korean. So what is this? It's pretty bad, that's what it is...

Yesterday was quite the day. It rained like no other. I really thought that when we had the dry period that the rain would stop. Everyone keeps joking that the only thing we'll remember about our time here in Seoul is the rain. actually might be true. It has rained almost every single day I've been here. =( I don't like the rain anymore. Plus, it's probably radioactive.

Anyways, Korean studies was pretty straightforward as usual. Just discussion... And Korean class was nothing special. Except I realized that I legitimately have to study for the final for that class. I forgot almost every vocab word I had learned in that class. Oh my...

After class, because the rain was so intense, we decided to stay inside and eat at the cafeteria in the Korean Language Institute building (where we have our Korean class). The food wasn't bad - it was worth the 3000-4000 KRW I had to pay so it's all good. Really cheap, I just realized...the food won't be as cheap when I go back home, at it'll be sad. Reverse culture shock...

Despite the rain, Eunice, Mike and I decided to get our hair done. Because we all had time we decided to go. Everyone thought we were crazy, yes, but it was worth it. The rain was so crazy but by the time we got out, it wasn't raining so it wasn't bad at all. Unfortunately, it was windy, so all the styling became undone in about a minute. =( But at least I got pictures!

When we went to get our haircut, I guess there were communication issues, haha. We ended up waiting a while but with the three of us combining our language skills, I think we managed. My bangs came out a little shorter than I wanted but...oh well. Hair grows I guess.

The place was really nice. While we were waiting they gave us free tea! Woohoo!

 Mike getting his hair dyed. Eunice and I were already done with our hair. Mine's so short now!

 And my hair looks really brown/light.

Trying to get a good picture of my hair. My bangs look nothing like that now... =(

After getting our hair done, we went to get frozen yogurt! First time in Korea for me actually. It's always just ice cream or patbingsoo, haha. We played that "shove your money into other people's pockets" game after Mike paid for me and Eunice. In the end, Mike lost. Oh we're so Korean...

So cute!!

The rest of the day was filled with planning. We were planning on going to Busan, but with the rain, we're now not going. So we packed our weekend with things to do. We'll see how much actually happens but it looks like I'll have an exciting weekend...with little sleep. Oh well! This is my last full weekend here in Seoul and I'm actually really sad. I'd love to escape the rain though, seriously.

I guess I'm glad that I'll have some time to recover before school starts. I need to regain the English skills I lost, haha! It's just...sometimes the word to describe something is much better when said in Korean.

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