Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rediscovering myself

Yesterday I managed to drop down in level for Korean language and I'm soooo happy now! But we'll start from the beginning.

On my way to class, I ran into Mike, who was also planning on dropping down a level because he, like me, thought that the class was too stressful. He was waiting for someone else to go to class together and it turned out he was waiting for the girl who asked the wonderful question last class. (We're all in the Korean Studies class together. I guess I should make that clear.) She and I began talking and she was worried that the professor might hate her, but I assured her that at least I was applauding her silently.

In class, I think I started to see what the professor was saying in a slightly different light. It's good that I'm aware of his bias now and I think that as long as the class is aware of the bias, it's okay to teach that way. I nearly fell asleep in class because it was so redundant. Our professor basically summarized our readings, which makes me think...should I just not do them if he's going to summarize it for me anyway??

One of the best parts of yesterday was being able to drop down in level for Korean! The reading in my original class is perfect. I understand everything, I don't stress out, and all is swell. It's when it's grammar time that I start freaking out, hoping every single time that I don't get called on. So moving down was a relief. But I found out...the class is too easy. If you don't form a sentence quickly enough, the professor will form it for you and all you have to do is repeat it. -__- We do a lot of "repeat after me" stuff and the class moves a little slow. But I don't want to be stressed in class. I just wish that there was an in-between level. *sigh* So we went to eat, haha.

 Right after walking through a subway (train?) station, there was this random sculpture.

 Sara being silly.


After class, Sara, Maggie, Eileen, David, Hunjae, and I went to go eat near Ewha Women's University. It's really close to Yonsei and Eileen wanted to get some shopping done. We really needed to find a place to charge our pre-paid phones so after eating, we went into various stores and asked around only to finally get to the place and find that they stop at 7pm. Ugh. It was late anyway so we decided to head back after Eileen got some shoes. Homework time...

We walked back to Yonsei through Ewha. This is my attempt at a picture of their awesome looking library. Hard in the dark to get a good shot.

I always study in International House's computer lab it seems. It's nice down there, the tables are big, and it's not as loud as my dorm. Plus, I get to hang out with my favorite people that live in I-House!! While doing homework, I rediscovered something about myself: I can't stand reading for class.

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