Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of my favorites

Yesterday was sort of...boring, I guess. I say it's boring because there weren't really things to take pictures of. But it was still a good day. Despite the rain, it was a good day. I think all my days here are good or better than good. =) [This is also later than usual because I was behind on things to do this morning.]

In Korean Studies, the professor finally realized how far behind we are and told us we wouldn't be able to see the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (it's a spin off a Clint Eastwood movie, clearly), which saddened the majority of the class. So we just had lecture, then had a discussion. Again. This is how we get behind...our really long group discussions. And before we left, he assigned so much more reading! I haven't finished it all yet either...er, actually, I finished it. Just, I don't remember it...reading for history. I don't think I can do it...

Korean class was also pretty typical. On the way there though, Alex forgot his umbrella so while I shared mine with him, he decided to insult it for being so small. I feel like I'm learning a lot in Korean. It's now just a matter of remembering it. I really need to improve my vocab rather than playing "look for context clues!" all the time.

Yum! This place is open 24hours...midnight snack? I think so.

For dinner, despite the rain, we went out to eat in Sinchon. It's one of those things I look forward to every day. We came across a 설렁탕 (a milky broth soup made from ox bones) place and it really hit the spot. Soooo good. It's one of my favorite dishes. I don't get to eat it back in Reno so it tasted that much better. I was so full after this. =) It was wonderful.

After eating, Sara and I went to Daiso, a store with...everything you need for a home, to grab some silverware. We spent more time in there than I expected and came back happy. We even found some stain remover. I can finally get that kimchi stain out of my pants!

I came back and studied. Group studied. So, basically, I didn't get as much done as I should have. But I still got enough done. Today I found out in class that I probably didn't need to read because our reading is ahead of what we're learning. Oh my...and our midterm is on Thursday. O_O Why is this summer program moving so quickly?

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