Thursday, July 21, 2011

Japanese food and 안산

So I'm trying this thing where I upload a video. We'll see how well it turns out. While it loads, I'm going to write this post.

Yesterday (it's technically yesterday now, tehe) was really warm day, like the other days before. The weather's on everyone's mind and it's always, "Would you prefer this or the rain?" And I'm not sure which is better...

My classes have definitely become routine. Korean Studies has finally reached the 60s and 70s and as the professor lectured, a lot of questions came to mind. It's time for me to dig! He also asserted that all k-pop is the same. That's a bold statement... You could argue that American popular music is all the same too. But, that's not something I want to do. Music is a touchy subject and I'm fairly certain our professor doesn't understand the complexity of it, regardless of the genre. Popular music, while popular for a reason, is still not homogenous. Agh, that angered me. Plus, it came after a long slew of confusing assertions and statements that he'd said previously in class.

But in other news, I did get my midterm back and I did well! And I also found out my credits transfer back to UNR as pass/fail. I now have an excuse to slack off - this is BAD!

Korean class, while sometimes dreaded, is always hilarious. If not during class, during break. I hadn't laughed like I did today in a classroom (as far as I remember) when I saw Mike's face during break. OMG. Oh, I'm going to miss this summer program so much! SO MUCH...

For dinner, Emmett showed us to this "famous" Japanese restaurant in Sinchon, like he had promised to do. It seems that a lot of famous people have eaten there. There were signatures and pictures on the wall. Anyways, there were six of us and we sat down--girls on one side and guys on one side and Eunice mentioned that it looked like we were at a "meeting," which is a Korean version of a blind date, more of like a group blind date. Haha! The meal was really good and really filling.

 Inside the restaurant.

 Lol, I'm not the greatest at taking pictures. You can see part of Emmett's and Dana's heads...

 My meal. I regretted mixing (비벼ing it...) it before taking a picture. Some nice Konglish in there for you. ^^

After eating, Dana and I decided to hike up the little mountain on Yonsei's campus, Ansan (안산). While the hike up was tiring and rocky, the view from the top was totally worth it. And I worked off my full feeling haha. It was dark on the way up and on the way down. Dana was totally prepared and had a flashlight. I think he said he's been up it like 6 times already, so he definitely knew what to expect. My camera was low on battery so I had to quickly take pictures before the battery died. They didn't turn out too well but I managed to get a video too. We'll see if that worked properly.

 Ah, it's blurry! But that tall blue thing is Namsan Tower.

Probably the best picture. These pictures do not do this view justice. =(

I'm gonna go back to reading now. I did this because I suddenly had the urge to blog, yet I'm not even halfway through the story I have to read by tomorrow. Oh my. Hopefully the video works!

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