Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dokdo is territory of the Korea

Yesterday didn't rain like planned! So, that probably means it'll rain today. And based on what I see outside, it probably will...

It had been really nice not carrying my umbrella around/using it when I go outside. It was a nice change and yesterday was actually HOT! In the morning, I met Dad (he's here on business) and grabbed some "coffee" (wasn't coffee - I don't drink coffee). After, I went to class, like usual and took a shortcut all by myself (so proud of myself, haha).

In my Korean Studies class, we were supposed to have read a short story called "Potato(es)" (hard to translate as the Korean word for potatoes is also singular). Our professor started the class by telling us that he actually had to leave so he was leaving us on the honor system. We were expected to break up into groups and discuss the short story. And then he simply left! So my group and I talked, joked, and speculated about the story. It was so wonderfully hilarious, yet still intuitive, and reminded me so much of junior year of high school.

Anyways, we finished more than half an hour early. So the rest of the class walked slowly towards our final class (which, for most of us, is Korean). While waiting for class, I got some insight from Alex about the MCAT, enjoying undergrad before med school, and the like. Seems like it's time to start studying for the MCAT... -__-

In Korean, I realized how easy the class seems. We work on pronunciation (which I guess is pretty cool) by repeating what the teacher says over and over (which is not as cool). But, I still feel like I'm learning and the environment is so much more lax that I feel a lot more comfortable. I don't know what it was about yesterday, but I was SUPER hungry during our break. But I came prepared with a snack.

After class, we went over to Sinchon (like we usually do) to get dinner. After the group I was with changed their minds about 5+ times, we finally got to a place that had 냉면 (cold noodles) and 갈비탕 (a beef soupy/brothy delicious thing). I opted for the cold noodles since it seemed like I was having meat every other day. And I'm glad I did because it was delicious! I tried some of the beef stuff and that was good too. It was all good. We know we're going to come back to the restaurant later.

This was hilarious. It reads, "Dokdo is territory of the Korea." I'm not commenting on the grammar here but the fact that this little wet napkin is reminding us that Dokdo, an island, is actually Korea's territory. Japan and Korea have fought over this island (set of islets?) for quite a while.

We went back very slowly to the dorms and some people grabbed ice cream waffles on the way back. I swear, this country will make you fat. I had reading to do... I guess that's what I get for having humanities classes. Mehhhh.

(Also, I think my grammar is kinda getting a little mixed up. I find myself making weird English grammar mistakes. Korean is screwing with me. What do?)


  1. Bahahaha, "what do?" That's great. I hope Korea accomplishes its goal. Imagine how cuddly and plush you'd be if you gained 30 pounds! ;)

  2. Hahaha. Oh I hope I don't gain 30 pounds! Though if I do, I'll be able to donate blood!!