Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poor sleeping habits

Yesterday was a typical day. I always feel like I have much less to talk about when I'm describing the weekdays, but I suppose they're still worth mentioning.

It was hard for me to wake up in the morning. I think I've developed a really bad sleeping schedule while I'm here. I went to sleep the other day at 1:30am and thought I was sleeping really early! What has happened to me? Haha.

It's the last week of classes before finals and it's hit me (and everyone else) that this summer program is soon coming to a close. It's really depressing because as soon as you start to really get to know people, you realize you're just going to have to leave them. I hope I can keep touch with my friends that I made here! I'm going to especially miss being able to speak Korean to people my age...

Korean Studies has turned into a literature class. While literature is cool, it means there's more reading to do. And my mind, while in Korean mode, isn't really well suited for reading literature. Plus, the stories we read are translated from Korean so it's hard to focus on them since it wasn't the original language. I feel like translations sometimes lose the vividness that was once there with the original language.

In Korean, I nearly fell asleep. I realized that the grammar we learn is always something I've learned before. But now, I have rules to it. It sort of confuses me and still rely on what "sounds right." I see what it's like for native speakers to learn/improve the language they speak. The Korean-Americans are always relying on what "sounds right" and they're pretty much all terrible at spelling and writing. Everyone else in Korean language classes, while they don't have the ear for what "sounds right," they're amazing at writing, spelling, and have a surprisingly formal vocabulary. That's what I'm missing and I wish sometimes that we could just share our skills.


After class we went to the really good restaurant that has 갈비탕 and 냉면. I was reminded again that "Dokdo is territory of the Korea." And this time, I had 갈비탕, a beefy broth. It was amazing. I feel like I always resort to taking pictures of the foods I eat, especially during the weekdays when we don't go out and just eat.

I was really tired so while I was reading for Korean Studies, I fell asleep twice. I even tried to wake up by eating food but that made me awake for a bit. I was even studying with Maggie and Sara and all three of us ended up sleeping at different times. Oh man...we were all so tired it seems.

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