Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All you can eat meat??

After messing around on the weekend, it was hard to go back to school. Yesterday was fairly stressful because of my Korean class. I'll explain later.

My mornings are fairly uneventful as I don't have class till 1:20pm. I usually just take my time getting ready and eat my meals. Sometimes I clean or go over some homework. Nothing special, so I usually won't include it.

In my Korean Studies class, the professor continued to lecture on Korean behavior and culture. But, someone finally said what a lot of us were wondering...is it easier for him, as a white male, to simply create a binary between Western and Korean culture when describing it? There are native Koreans in our class and plenty of Korean-Americans. He said that it is automatic for him to present things that reflect better on his home culture. While it was great for him to admit this, I feel a lot of people in class began to use this as an excuse of some sort to justify and take in the things he says about Koreans.

My Korean class was stressful because the class suddenly grew. A lot of people have been dropping down from Intermediate 3 to Intermediate 2. So, the level of the class shot up. Reading speed (and apparent comprehension) increased and the speaking level of the class went up really quickly. I felt so behind and lost. And it's not like there's a way to simply catch up. Our teacher encouraged those who dropped to consider moving back up and some people to drop down if it was too hard. Now that the level of the class seemed so high, I asked to drop. (One other person in the class asked to do so as well.) She said she'd see if there was room in the other classes. I hope there is. She had just assigned us to do a 3-5 minute oral presentation and I don't think I could speak good Korean for that long.

Frenzy after that class as the other person who wanted to drop and I searched for someone in Intermediate 1. We wanted to see how hard it was and what we could expect. And...would we need another book?? None of our questions were answered.

After, I went to dinner with Maggie, Sara, Eileen, Eugene, Bernard, and David. We later met up with more people, including another David and Eileen's friends who were old. She has a way of meeting older guys it seems, haha!

Dinner was all. you. can. eat. meat. buffet. Yes. It was amazing. Just the fact that you could eat so much for one price. It was about $8! So amazing.

The table was cramped but the meat was still good.

After eating, people wanted to drink because it was the Fourth of July, which means something back home. America would be disappointed because we didn't drink. Instead, we did homework. Oh, summer school...

I did homework with Bernard, Maggie, Eileen, Sara, and Eileen's two new friends in the lounge in International House. Or rather, I watched them do homework since I finished mine pretty quickly. I somehow lucked out with easy classes with little homework. First time in my life that I can remember! Last year was the complete opposite. While I did homework, everyone (seemingly) had time to play games and the like. Now it was my turn! Haha.

Afterwards, I went back to my room and then to bed. I'm predicting that a lot of my days will be like this. Maybe not the "little to no homework" part, but the schedule. And I like it. So I'm going to enjoy it.

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