Saturday, July 9, 2011

(I'm) lame

I'm lame. I forgot to bring my camera around yesterday. So hopefully the people I was with upload some pictures and I can borrow those. Teehee.

Yesterday we went to Everland, an amusement park here in Korea. But unfortunately, it was raining (like sprinkling really) so the best rides were closed. I was really looking forward to them, too! But we still made the best out of what was open.
Here's a map of Everland if it provides anything for you. Sorry I have no pictures...

We started at the safari area. First, it felt like a zoo as we wandered through and looked at all the animals. Perhaps it's because I haven't been to a zoo in such a long time, but it was the first time I felt truly bad for these animals. Locked up for people to just look at them. Anyways, we went on this "safari" after. It was a bus basically and we got to get fairly close to all the animals. The bears even did tricks for us!

After the safari, I think we went to go eat. Everland was pretty tiring so I may get my events mixed up. But the food was nothing special. It was "free" though (included in our payment). We were upset at the lack of roller coasters operating because of the "rain." I've definitely been on more intense roller coasters in actual rain. We still got to ride some though.

We rode one and it was Eileen's first time on a real roller coaster. She didn't want to go but Sara basically guilt tripped her into going, haha. But when she got off the ride, her legs were shaking and her hands were stuck in the position in which she was holding the restraint! We had to slowly pry her hands open and even then, they weren't completely normal. It was crazy and I had no idea something like that could happen.

Before heading back, we rode more rides and even did bumper cars. We got on the bus and just slept the entire way back (more than an hour). And we had already slept on the way there because we had to meet up so early (8:30)!

And I took a nap when we got back. After grabbing some dinner, we all ended up napping, haha. But finally everyone started waking up. Sara hadn't eaten dinner though so she and I went into Sinchon to find some ramen (not the instant noodle stuff). We were successful despite failing at finding the place Alex recommended.

While we were eating, Richard (I don't think he's been introduced in my blog before but he's a really nice guy) called and asked if we wanted to meet up with him and the group he was hanging out with. We joined them later and got back much later than I expected but probably earlier than everyone else expected. The rain was inconvenient. But hopefully it clears soon...!

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